Twitter Ads Grow, You Need to Try This


Twitter stands as a very crucial tool in the business and advertising community. As everyone in the world knows, anything as popular as Twitter has an app, usually for both Android and iOS. Twitter’s app for mobile devices got the job done usually, but it lacked the functionality that people were looking for with it. Advertisers and brands would get frustrated because of the way their Tweets worked within the mobile platform, showing only the update and nothing more. Since mobile is so huge and nobody’s attention is grabbed by just a link, the Tweets of businesses and advertisers were ineffective in the Twitter app. It was bringing down the way businesses could share information to potential customers.

Of course, Twitter soon recognized how truly simple and unprofitable their their app had quickly become, and rumors were spilled about an enhancement to the app. Just today, the rumors became fact, as Twitter released their new enhancement upgrade to their app, allowing for better use by businesses, advertisers, and consumers as well. Now the struggle to share proper Tweets with consumers will be no issue, because the new enhancements allow much more freedom in mobile Tweeting.

Twitter recently allowed for users to expand Tweets further than they originally could, and now they’ve brought that expansion to mobile devices. Now, straight from the app, any link that is shared in a Tweet can be previewed by the user, allowing them to get a look at what was posted without having to load a page in a mobile browser. Advertisers will be able to show more than just a link to mobile users. Plus, the ability to include images directly in the Tweet will help to grab attention as well. Twitter says in their blog about this new feature, “This new experience will roll out gradually to web, iPhone and Android users.”

Also, Twitter has recently made improvements to their search autocomplete feature. The feature is already new to the network, but Twitter has improved it further still, “so that you will see more suggestions when you search for people.” It’s hard to see how this will be beneficial to advertisers, but it is still a decent improvement. Along with the search autocomplete improvement comes the addition of notifications to the mobile Twitter. With a live streaming network like Twitter, it’s hard to believe that they are just getting to successful app notifications, but at least they’ve done it.

So, with the Twitter mobile app, you can see that their best improvement has been the expanded mobile Tweets. Twitter notes that users can, “Now get even more from 140 characters,” with that addition of images and expansions. Now advertisers and businesses have the ability to reach Twitter users effectively not only on the web version of the social network but on the mobile version as well. We all know that mobile is everything these days, and Twitter knew that they had sort of botched their mobile platform the first time. However, this time it seems they did it right.

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