Survey: Affiliates Scared of Not Being Paid


According to a survey of affiliate marketers conducted by the Pert Group global research firm, affiliate marketers are really scared of not being paid. The independent survey asked affiliate marketers what they felt of networks based on a variety of topics, and discovered a great deal about affiliate’s concerns and feelings about the industry.

The study said that affiliate payments and other issues are making the issue seem less stable:

Recent financial turmoil in the industry has resulted in shaken confidence among affiliate marketers… found that creditability, compliance and payment are the biggest challenges facing the affiliate marketing industry today.   This rapid growth comes with concerns about the state of the industry as survey respondents noted increased regulation, recent bankruptcies by advertising networks, and being able to count on advertising network for prompt payments as top concerns.

As part of the survey, they asked the affiliates to also rate what their favorite network was based on key characteristics that would be important to them.  Adknowlege was rated the highest, because according to the Pert Group they were seen as the “the most financially stable, having the most competitive payouts and having the best account management.”

“Marketers are looking for increased stability in the industry. Industry leaders that can address their concerns will be the long term winners in the market,” said The Pert Group’s Christopher Barnes, senior vice president of client strategy. “Efforts like Adknowledge’s Affiliate Relief Program, which is designed to help those affected by the industry downturn, directly addresses these concerns. That’s why it wasn’t surprising that Adknowledge scored so well on the benchmarks.”

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