Lexity’s App Opens Pinterest to Businesses


Pinterest is coming up fast as one of the most popular social networking websites on the internet, which of course peaks the interest of advertisers and businesses, big and small. Almost anyone you ask will say that they have an account with Pinterest, sharing the things that interest them, and finding out what others are interested in. People get some of their greatest inspirations and ideas from things found on Pinterest, and people are influenced greatly by the things they view on the site. This is part of the reason it could be so valuable to an advertiser or a business trying to build it’s digital presence.

The problem that many marketers see with Pinterest is that no matter how good of quality your posts are, there’s no way of telling which are ‘pinned’ the most and which are the least successful. Pinterest is basically a virtual bulletin board, allowing people to post things all over the place. So, to organize things for advertisers and businesses, a company called Lexity has released a handy new app pertaining to Pinterest. The app is called Pinterest Report, and it could be exactly what businesses need to take advantage of the popularity of Pinterest while being able to monitor their presence on the site.

According to Lexity’s App Gallery, Pinterest Report allows for three things regarding Pinterest. First, the app allows you to, “Track your most pinned products.” This will allow you to find out what exactly is catching the attention in your posts. With this data, you can create a successful campaign within the Pinterest network. The next feature of the app allows you to identify your business’s top competitors on Pinterest. Using that information you can research their posts and better compete. Finally, you can figure out which ‘pinners’ are most influential in the Pinterest community. From this information, you can also learn what kinds of things are most influential to the Pinterest users and potential customers.

Lexity is a company that deals with apps for eCommerce. In their ‘Learn More’ column, they write, “Once you create an account with us you can add as many apps as you want to make up the best marketing plan for your store.” The goal of Lexity is to make things more organized for internet marketers, helping their success online. With this new Pinterest app, they have done just that, opening up Pinterest to anyone and making it easier to manage content on the network.

So, for those of you who know about Pinterest and are confused on how to use it to your advantage, this app could clear it up for you. It’s hard to tell exactly how successful Pinterest marketing will be, but it’s sure to give some decent results. With so many people getting ideas, creativity, and inspiration from the site, the users are always willing to look at a post. Pinterest is different from other social networks, in that people are on the site to look at just about anything, and not just things recommended to them.

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