Internet Advertising Up 13%


Being that internet marketing is where advertisers are focusing all of their attention these days, it’s important that someone keeps track of how well it is actually doing. That way, those looking to begin on the web will know whether they are making the right decision or not. Well, the source to go to for advertisers of all types has long been places like Nielsen, a company that keeps track of trends in advertising, as well as what forms of advertising are succeeding and which are not around the world. Today, Nielsen has written a blog post showing data that is surprising in some ways, but completely expected in others.

Nielsen writes, “With consumer confidence up and brands looking to reconnect, spending on advertising is on the rise—around the globe and across media types. TV, newspapers, radio, outdoor, Internet, and cinema all saw an increase in ad spend in the beginning of 2012 compared to last year,” which means that advertisers should be nothing but optimistic. According to their chart, Nielsen reported that internet advertising has grown 12.1% since Q1 last year. Not only that, but television, radio, outdoor ads, newspapers, and cinema have all grown as well, leaving magazine advertising as the only method that has decreased in ad spending. However, none of these platforms have grown quite as significantly as has internet marketing.

Now, the continuing growth in internet marketing is definitely exciting. It means that all the money advertisers are spending on the internet right now is still worth it and will remain worth it for a while. However, Nielsen further includes another chart, explaining the locations where this growth is occurring. Internet marketing in North America hasn’t budged at all since this time last year, which simply means that it was harnessed in North America before anywhere else, giving the time advantage for growth. But, it’s still exciting that internet advertising has grown around the globe, in that advertisers from anywhere in the world will now be reaching out to anybody on the globe. Where online spending by advertisers has grown most is Africa, at 35.2%. Even with such a high number, though, Africa’s most used advertisements are outdoor ads. As cultures differ globally, so do the methods of advertising. Advertising can only grow around the people of a certain area, and when society shifts, ads shift.

In sum, Nielsen is reporting that all is well in the world of internet marketing. Although there hasn’t been much growth in North America, there’s been no decreases either. Plus, it hasn’t decreased anywhere else either, meaning that marketing on the web continues to be the hot platform in one way or another. “Though TV continues to attract the majority of advertising dollars, Internet advertising saw the biggest increases, with advertisers spending 12.1 percent more in Q1 2012 than one year prior.” It’s easy to see that the web will eventually overtake TV, simply by looking at the direction in which it’s headed. Society loves the internet, meaning that advertisers do as well.

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