Adknowledge Buys Quiz Biz from Pangea


Just a few years ago all over the internet you probably saw ads that asked you various question about everything from what a picture looked like to what your favorite Simpsons character was. Behind almost all those quizzes was a company called Pangea, that would push consumers threw co-registrations and then mobile subscriptions. For a while this was a booming business model and Pangea was making millions a month on reoccurring charges — until the carriers stopped allowing them to do it, making the model much less profitable.

It seems that Pangea has decided to get out of the business a while back and has sold their mobile quiz and sweepstakes legacy sites  to Adknowledge. The amount of cash traded is not known, nor what exactly the value of Pangea’s business currently is.

Pangea on the other hand is going to focus on their current product line, which includes SnapAp, a “marketing platform for customer engagement and acquisition that enables companies to generate leads, registrations, downloads, likes and follows.” It seems that the platform is based off the technology they had created when driving consumers through co-registrations and the mobile lead generation, as it allows companies to  “Create engaging quiz, personality test, sweepstakes, contest, poll, or survey applications in minutes”
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