Youtube Videos Become ‘Pinteresting Videos’


Over the years, Youtube has just about partnered up with all the most popular sites and social media networks on the web. Anytime there is a video embedded in a page, one can usually see Youtube’s logo in the corner of the video window. This partnership around the web has helped Youtube expand itself and eventually become the most popular video sharing outlet on the internet. Youtube reached one of their highest points when Facebook started allowing their videos to be shared on users’ news feeds and personal profiles. Since then, Youtube has brought its videos to Twitter, Tumblr, internet news sites, and even television.

One of the newest and most popular social networking sites on the web today is Pinterest. On a network based around the sharing of individual interests, there’s huge potential to broadcast videos directly into the lives of users. Therefore, Youtube has recently announced their new partnership with Pinterest. Referring to them in their blog as “Pintersting videos,” Youtube videos are now being featured on Pinterest as a new form of shared videos. Youtube writes in their blog, “Since Pinterest introduced video pins, we’ve been ever so eager to join the party.”

On Pinterest, users are able to create different categories of interests to their pages. Not only has Youtube allowed users to share their videos on their own profiles, but Youtube has a Pinterest profile of their own. They have created some boards that will bring a lot of hits to their profile, and in effect their videos. Some of the boards they’ve created include Pinspiration, Make It Yourself, and Work It Out, among a few others. Youtube has found another way to take videos that are already on their own site, and put them in the world in a new way.

Similar to the way they appear on other social networking sites, Youtube videos appear in an optimized format based on that of Pinterest. Therefore, their introductory video advertisements will not appear in the optimized video window, since they really only appear on the actual Youtube site. However, the inserted banner advertisements will still appear. No matter where a video ends up on the web, an advertisement banner will be embedded in the new location. This is important, because a large amount of views that Youtube videos get do not happen on the actual Youtube site, but somewhere else that the video has been shared.

When Youtube started allowing the sharing of their videos on social networking sites, it was one of their most successful decisions. Though people aren’t visiting their site directly, the videos are still linked to Youtube and still contributing to their success. Joining Pinterest is just Youtube’s way of keeping up to date. It isn’t surprising that Youtube would join one of the more popular social media sites that is running right now.  The internet is showing partnerships between big names left and right, and it seems like someday soon there may be a bigger connection between all of the big names on the web.

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