WordPress SEO Techniques that Work


If you’re using WordPress for your website then know that you have an SEO advantage over other sites that aren’t. However, not many WordPress users know how to get the most out of WordPress in terms of SEO. To them search engine optimization is a scary subject that they rather not touch.

However, it can be fun to watch your website crawl up  the search engine ladder by applying simple WordPress SEO tips. And start getting getting relevant traffic at no cost. So what are the factors that actually help you put your WordPress site on steroids? Given below are a few easy to apply WordPress SEO tips that you can begin using right away.

#1: Create Mouth-Watering Content: One of the basic things that you should focus on is creating content that makes your readers want more. When you work on your content and make it great, you not only give Google what it wants, but also attract potential link partners, giving you all the backlinks you need to get ranked.

#2: Link to Relevant Resources: This is something that many bloggers avoid, thinking they’re losing link juice and pagerank. However, from SEO point of view, linking to other relevant sources within your niche can work for you rather than against you. It positions you as a thought leader within your industry and gives your readers what they want. And search engines tend to like websites that link to relevant/authority resources.

#3: Switch Trackbacks On: Encouraging other people to link to your website can become easy if you enable trackbacks. The ‘trackbacks’ system has been designed to let you know when other sites link to you. Since the links are created in the ‘comments section’, others will want to link to you to have a link back. This in turn helps you grow as an authority within your niche.

#4: Have a Google Sitemap: You have to try and make things easy for Google when it comes to ranking your site. When you provide the Google spiders with a complete overview of your website’s pages, your site becomes crawlable. This can be done by installing a simple WordPress plugin, which creates the sitemap for you, and automatically updates it whenever you post something new.

#5: Inter-link your Content: Don’t ignore the power of internal links when you’re using WordPress because the whole process can be done easily using free plugins. By proper internal-linking, you will give more clarity to Google in telling what your article is about. It will also help you grow your page views across the website as your readers click through from one article to another.

#6: Recycle Old Posts: This is a tactic that not many tend to use, but it works great. What you do here is take your old articles that brought in great results, and recycle them. Something that was published a few months ago can be brought back – adding a little more spice to it. By republishing your proven content, you get more new links to it, helping you improve your position in Google.

What do you do to get the most out of WordPress SEO? Do share your views in the comments below.

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