Windows 8 Brings Promising App Ads


At the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Microsoft gave its advertising partners a peek at what they can expect for advertising opportunities to come. Windows 8 will be a brand new and innovative platform with creativity in its roots. With its all new line of apps, Windows 8 will bring a huge potential for advertising in new ways.

“When developing Windows 8, Microsoft re-imagined it with a focus on the consumer experience,” Jennifer Creegan wrote in her company blog post. She then mentions how they had the same attitude toward the development of ads within the Windows 8 apps. People will now be, “at the center of the experience.”

Apparently, Microsoft is taking steps to ensure that the new and improved advertisements are as much of a breakthrough as they expect. The people of Microsoft have enlisted the creativity of some of the best advertising agencies known and are partnering to develop the Windows 8 advertising formats. These new partners include names like Big Spaceship, Team Detroit, AKQA, Razorfish, UM, and Y&R. Jennifer writes, “With these partners, we will look to create a new standard for what ads within Windows 8 apps can and will be, as well as ensure that experiences will be engaging for consumers and effective for marketers and publishers.” Microsoft wants more than anything for Windows 8 to be their most successful platform yet, be it for marketing or for the everyday consumer.

In her blog post, Jennifer gives readers a good example of what can be expected from Windows 8 in terms of its advertising opportunities. The example given involves an Adidas advertisement placed perfectly within an app for the Seattle Sounders FC. It sits in right side of the screen, but is integrated with the rest of the app’s features perfectly.

The blog then continues to show where clicking the ad would bring the consumer. After clicking the ad, the consumer is brought to, “a rich brand landing experience that offers Adidas merchandise.” The new app ads are efficient as well, for with just a click the customer is brought back to the app where they began. The advertisements in this new Windows 8 format promise to be sleek and user friendly. Also provided in the blog is an image showing the same Seattle Sounders FC app in full, panoramically. It shows the little amount of space that ads will take up in the app, but how effective they evidently will be.

Windows 8 was announced long ago and it definitely seems like it will be something huge. Microsoft is very excited about the new possibilities to come with Windows 8 in the line of the advertising experience for advertisers and consumers alike. According to Microsoft’s blog, there will be more announcements in coming months regarding the many new features and marketing opportunities that will come with the development of Windows 8. It is expected to be a breakthrough software, and anyone who decides to try it out will definitely be amazed.

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