Two Weeks: $250,000 Facebook Revenue


Dru Mundorff has made in the last two weeks over $250,000 from Facebook. As the creator of LilyJade, a new browser application for Facebook, he’s created what could be the most effective Facebook campaign ever made. He claims that LilyJade is a way for Facebook users to assert control over their experience and eventually, as he grows the application, other social networking sites.

Unfortunately for him, Facebook thinks what he is doing is illegal.

Facebook considers LilyJade nothing more than a Trojan that is spread through viral scripts that spread themselves via Facebook – in this case, promising that users can view a linked video.

“Plugins such as LilyJade are configured to modify our [site] to inject ads and/or send spam through Facebook to the victim’s friends via wall posts and chat messages,” Fred Wolens, public policy manager at Facebook, told Brian Krebs in a statement. “These alterations materially change people’s Facebook experience and bypass Facebook’s quality and security controls.”

Mundorff thinks he is doing nothing wrong, and despite selling the script at $1k a pop and being used to basically hijack users, he thinks what he is doing is providing Facebook users a service.

Russian Security Company Kaspersky Lab agrees, and has labeled it a Worm.

This malware is an excellent example of the class software Malware 2.0, built on Web technologies that are used to propagate their social networks and provide illicit income to their owners by substituting the issuance of various services.

The site developers Crossrider with the announcement of the impending hanging API Support not only for Facebook, but for Twitters

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