Rakuten leads $100M Investment into Pinterest


Japanese Mega-Marketing company Rakuten has decided that they want to get into the Pinterest game. In order to show how much they really love Pinterest, they have lead a $100M cash-infusion into the company,  meaning that according to them, the company is worth a little over $1.5B.

Yes, you heard it, a company that is heavily into the affiliate marketing world, owning companies like Linkshare, has decided that Pinterest is the waive the future. Mind you, no one besides spammers have really figured how to make money from pinterest right now, and Pinterest’s one venture with affiliate marketing via Skimlinks turned into a PR nightmare.

Did I also mention that despite an enormous growth pattern since its launch, that Pinterest has basically stalled in traffic? I’m not sure how their little under 20M users are worth, $1.5 Billion?

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