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Email marketing has always been a top priority of online marketers. And that’s simply because it works. However, to make email marketing work, you need to first get people to join your mailing list.

This can be done in a number of ways, but the most preferred method is to use an email opt-in page where your potential subscribers are lead towards filling out a simple form to join your list.

One of the challenges that online marketers face with email opt-in pages is winning the trust of their prospective subscribers. People are wary about sharing their email addresses due to growing spam.

So how do you really go about getting them to put their trust in you? Here are a 3 strong tips to help you do that:

Know Your Potential Subscriber

Before you go out there and start building your email list, you need to clearly understand what kind of subscribers you’re looking for. What type of person do you want on your mailing list? How would you define your typical subscriber?

The reason for this simple: you want your email opt-in page to carry the right message. If you don’t know who your target audience is, you won’t be able to be persuasive with your copy.

Aiming your page at the right person can make a world of a difference. In a way, you’re doing nothing but positioning your message so that you not only attract targeted subscribers, but also stand out of the crowd. You need to speak a language that your visitors will understand.

Know What You Want them to Do

It’s funny how some opt-in pages are littered with AdSense ads and other type of advertisements. Knowing that your page has one single goal (which is to get people to subscribe to your list), you have to focus on the main call to action.

There could be various elements on your opt-in page, but if they don’t work towards helping you grab your prospect’s email address, then they are a distraction. And distractions go against the whole purpose of having an opt-in page in the first place. So say no to any ads, links and even your usual sidebar.

You need to strip down your email opt-in page to the bare minimum and make it easy for people to join your email list. That’s how you increase your opt-in rate and get the most out of your traffic.

Know Your Incentive

Yes, “ethical bribing” still works when it comes to gaining subscribers to your email list. It’s a great way to convince people that you’re the real deal. This incentive could be anything, right from a free PDF report to a “7 day trial” membership to your website.

While this strategy is golden and works great in many different markets, there are certain niches where people may take advantage. They could unsubscribe for your list right after they get their hands on your shiny incentive or worse, report you for spam.

This is why you should try to create an incentive that isn’t given away in one go. Something like an “email class” spread over “30 days” can work great. It helps your subscribers stay subscribed and gives you an edge over the competition.

Do you have any tips on creating an opt-in page that works? If your answer is yes, then do share them below in the comments section.

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