Matomy Offering Credit to Affiliates


Israeli powerhouse, Matomy Media group is now offering a unique plan to help affiliates hit by bad networks debts. Following in the footsteps of Adknowledge, they are offering a special plan which will pay bonuses for up to a year from joining their programs, hoping to assist those affiliates that have been hit by COPEAC, Epic Media and fears about Neverblue’s (parent) bankruptcy. While tiered payment plans aren’t anything new, the length of the bonuses plus the unique promise to start extended credit lines to valued affiliates should bring attention from the industry.

Accentuating the benefits of steady, long-term growth as opposed to a more popular but less stable quick win, Matomy is contributing a 10% bonus on top of approved affiliate commissions for a period of 12 months from the date the affiliate joins the program. In addition, affiliates can earn a monthly bounty of up to $5,000, based on set earnings criteria.  The company has also promised to extend a credit line to eligible affiliates on a case-by-case basis to boost confidence and activity.  The promotion begins on June 27, 2012 and is open to existing Matomy affiliates as well as new accounts that register by August 31, 2012.

Assaf Suprasky, Affiliate Network General Manager, says, “Affiliate marketing is a legitimate sales channel that, when done right, provides enormous value for advertisers’ money and provides a steady income for millions of affiliates.  To this end, our responsibility as a performance marketing company is to create profitable relationships between advertisers and affiliates, manage commission approvals, and provide reliable and sustainable terms to our affiliates who heavily rely on their payments.  With this promotion, we are putting our money where our mouth is, and have temporarily reduced our network commission to help our affiliates pass this hurdle”

Learn more about the promotion with Matomy here.

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