A linkbait is a piece of content that has been designed to give value and attract links. But many online marketers fail when it comes to creating a successful linkbait.

There are many different reasons as to why they don’t get results. However, if you want to make your linkbait effective and actually get lots of backlinks, then here a few tips to help you out:

#1: Go Beyond the Traditional: Whenever we hear the term linkbait, many of us automatically assume or think that it has to be something funny or controversial. Yes, mostly that’s the kind of content that spreads and gets linked to. But you should try to go beyond the traditional and experiment with giving real value to your target audience. If your linkbait really lives up to its promise, it will attract links. Period.

#2: Use Quality Visuals: The effectiveness of your linkbait depends on how attractive it is to the “linkerati”. In other words, you should have strong visuals to go along with your text so that it isn’t a strain on the eyes. Be relevant and make sure you’re not just using “filler images” for visuals. Add more meaning to your content with the help of the right visuals such as charts, pictures, artwork, etc.

#3: Choose Originality Over Mediocrity: The only reason why some linkbaits work extremely well when compared to others is that they are original and offer something new. It’s easy to create average content, but don’t expect it to catapult your linkbaiting efforts. If you want smashing results coming your way then it’s important that you focus on giving your audience the value they deserve. After all, nobody wants to see content that has been seen a hundred times before.

#4: Be the First to Break a Story: Creating a linkbait around a topic that has been beaten to death may or may not give you the attention you’re looking for. However, if you can manage to be the first to break a story and present it well, you can expect the a snowball effect when it comes to exposure and traffic. Yes, with today’s cut-throat competition it can be difficult to be the first, but it’s not impossible. If you have your sources in place and keep an eye on the trends, you can very well take advantage of being there before anyone else.

#5: Go for Evergreen Content: There are not many who can pull of a successful linkbait each and every time, but what you can do to improve your chances is to create content that is evergreen. It’s a challenge to balance the relevance factor and the usefulness of the content. But if you do meet it, then you can expect your linkbait to work for you for years to come. Someone who stumbles upon your linkbait even 3 years from its creation should find it useful. It will take a while before you master the art of linkbaiting but in the end, it’ll be worth the effort.

How do you make your linkbait stand out from the rest? How do you make it remarkable? Do share your ideas and tips with use in the comments section below!

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