HitPath Drops Lawsuit Against Cake Marketing


Almost a year ago, HitPath (aka WebApps) went to war against several of its former clients and the new tracking system that they moved to, Cake Marketing. They had claimed, among other things, that Cake had helped these networks illegally move from HitPath to Cake, and as part of that transferred data without permission. HitPath seemed to believe that this was basically nothing more than a version of hacking, and sued Cake Marketing for millions of dollars.  PMI has learned that the lawsuit has been dropped, with HitPath accepting a settlement of $50k for legal fees related to the lawsuit.

Cake has dropped their counter-suit against HitPath in return.

The networks, in their defense, said that all they were doing was moving data from one tracking system to another, and that HitPath was doing everything in their power to make the transition impossible.

PMI received the following statement from Cake when asking about the lawsuit, “Cake and Hitpath have settled their lawsuit against each other and we are excited to put this in the past and continue to innovate and provide the best solution for the industry.”

We spoke briefly to Ricky Ahuja of Affiliate Venture Group, one of the networks also sued by HitPath about the lawsuit, and he was more than slightly excited.  He pointed out that Cake Marketing covered the legal costs of the lawsuits, “Jeff and his team of attorneys were absolutely amazing and went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we were protected.”

Cake has been in the news lately as more and more networks, including Clickbooth have left their long term tracking solutions to move to Cake.

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