Facebook Users Smoke Pot, Don’t Buy Anything


Comscore, the digital audience company that tells you where everyone is going, and what most agencies use to determine media buys has come out with an ultimatum: Stop saying Facebook ads do not work.  According to them, they have real proof that Facebook ads really do work, and that people need to stop bashing the company.

“We are gaining critical new insights that show Facebook earned media is having a statistically significant positive lift on people’s purchase of a brand,” comScore said on its official blog.

But are they right? This comes only a few days after a Reuters poll that says the vast majority of users have never bought anything because of Facebook. The release from Reuters said:

Four out of five Facebook Inc users have never bought a product or service as a result of advertising or comments on the social network site, a Reuters/Ipsos poll shows, the latest sign that much more needs to be done to turn its 900 million customer base into advertising dollars.

However, Comscore says in response to this survey

 Their accuracy in recalling their own behavior over an extended period of time can be especially unreliable. People might be able to accurately tell you how many times they have eaten at a restaurant in the past week, but they would probably do a poor job estimating that number over the past three months.

In similar news it turns out that Social Media users are more likely to admit however, that they are smoking  pot.  This could have something to do with them not remembering why exactly they bought the furry lamp from Sears two days earlier.

Personally, until Facebook stops sending me ads for a seminar for “Dads who Loves Jesus,” I’m going to continue to question the effectiveness of their ability to target.

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