AOL Brings New Ads to Multiple Platforms


AOL was once the biggest name on the web, but since the explosion of mobile devices and Google and Facebook seemingly taking over the internet, their name has been forgotten by many. However, advertisers should keep them in mind, for they have recently announced their offering of cross-platform ads for mobile and desktop. They will be an extension of their Pictela format across multiple screens.

In mobile ads, advertisers will be able to use five apps within the Pictela technology such as Twitter, Facebook, feeds, and photo and video galleries. The app icons within the ad will open in a separate display, but without leaving the ad. For desktop, there is the choice to use your choice of 25 applications. The desktop format will operate almost exactly like the mobile, in the sense of effectiveness.

Pictela became part of AOL in 2010, so that AOL could solidify it’s name in the advertising world. They incorporated their system of content management with branded content in their advertising campaigns. Pictela’s main attributes are their strong media solutions and high-definition video options in their expandable advertisement displays.

This new release of AOL’s dual platform Pictela formats is a sure success, because many of the major advertisers and brands need an integrated style in media, and often cannot find the right one. Even though it may seem that AOL is simply reformatting an existing ad platform to fit different size screens, it doesn’t matter. Mobile optimization is always the best choice these days, but it often causes advertisements to lose some of the best attention grabbing assets. With a platform that can capture almost the same things on mobile devices and tablets as it can on desktop, advertisers will only have to build ads once, and there isn’t much need to redesign them for mobile.

Greg Rogers writes on the AOL blog, “Similar to the desktop browser experience, every high-definition experience within the ad unit can be navigated without leaving the page. The functionality takes into account the tactile nature of mobile devices, and allows users to swipe and tap to see more content which can be updated instantly during a campaign.” Since Pictela’s formats were originally intended for desktop platforms, they are now simply perfecting the integration of the same platforms in mobile devices.

On their blog, Greg states that, “Advertising inventory will be available across AOL’s Owned & Operated mobile web properties and apps, as well as across third-party mobile inventory through” He also states that the new Pictela innovations can be seen in iOS 4.0+ and Android 2.2+. Their new expanding ad format will attract many advertisers because of the potential that can be seen in it. AOL’s Pictela was significantly successful when they first acquired it in 2010, so it’s hard to see any way that it can fail after improvements and mobile integration. AOL’s blog ensures that there will be more app choices thrown into the new mobile offering in weeks to come. This new and improved Pictela advertising promises to bring big things for advertisers and AOL alike.

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