Adknowledge Offers Bailout of Bad Affiliate Network Debts


With all the networks having problems, going bankrupt, not paying their debts and generally being total epic scumbags, it’s good to see some network step up to the plate to help affiliates. Adknowledge, the mega-online marketing company with divisions in social, mobile, display and of course, affiliate CPA marketing, has announced a program where they will help affiliates affected by the industry downturn.

The program will offer up to a 30% bonus to all affiliates based on any additional traffic they sent to Adknowledge for two months. For those affiliates who are owed money from other networks, this is perhaps one of the best ways to make additional cash.

 “We hate to see the affiliates left holding the bag,” said Adknowledge CEO Ben Legg.  “Too many ad networks have gone bankrupt, leaving affiliates with no payments and no answers.  As one of the most stableand longest standing network, Adknowledge felt it could help by picking up the tab and offering that extra layer of security that affiliates are looking for at this time.”

Through the Affiliate Relief Program, Adknowledge will provide affiliates with up to a 30% bonus based on incremental Adknowledge revenue earned over and above that affiliate’s Adknowledge revenue from the preceding calendar month.  Adknowledge cites a recent flurry of calls from affiliates running on other networks who are concerned about even more networks going under as the impetus for this program, and sincerely hopes that its willingness to pay these unpaid affiliates helps restore some stability to the industry as a whole.

It’s definitely interesting to see Adknowledge’s take on the industry, as they have been very vocal about what they think about all the downturns in the industry. As one of the older, more reliable players, are they finally starting to throw their weight around?

To learn more about the Affiliate Relief Program click here.

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