New Mobile Opps are Overseas


According to a new study by the fine folks at the Yankee Group, we should all be looking at Brazil, India and China when it comes to mobile advertising growth. According to their study, by 2015, mobile ad spending will be about $6B in those three countries combined, while the US will stop growth to half of that. The study also points that mobile advertising still is extremely low and mobile opportunities in the US are generally not producing results.

The reason is simple: more people use mobile in those countries than a PC. While some people have computers, many people are embracing mobile first and leaving PCs as work-only situations. The study concluded:

  • Prepare for the mobile advertising explosion in new geographies. Mobile is moving up the list of priorities for marketers in high-growth markets. In 2016, mobile will drive revenues of U.S.$6 billion in Brazil, India and China—and become the dominant platform for digital marketing in selected countries.
  • The digital marketer’s most valued audience constituent is a tablet owner. Tablets generate six times the advertising revenues of the feature phones that dominated the market five years ago. Tablets are driving fast into the mass market. In 2016 over a quarter of smart mobile devices globally will be tablets.
  • Users are willing to trade personal information for utility. Mobile advertising’s weak point has been a lack of data on the user. Apps are helping to fill that gap and drive better-targeted ads. Among app downloaders, over 22 percent of smartphone owners and 27 percent of tablet owners clicked on an in-app ad during Q1 2012.

This is great news for marketers and affiliates who are looking at new opportunities because any explosive growth market means that those who enter the market early will reap the rewards.

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