Introducing the Bubblegum Network


Recently, Guppy just launched and announced the “Bubblegum Network” as a new business unit and brand under the Guppy umbrella. To clarify, Bubblegum Network is a network which is optimized, developed and designed specifically for the following traffic sectors and categories: points and rewards based incent, virtual currency as well as content gateways or content unlocking. Our campaigns available on Bubblegum Network are designed specifically with these particular channels in mind. There are several key advantages and differentiators for campaigns on Bubblegum Network. For example, in many cases, many campaigns albeit are “approved” to publish on incentivized traffic sources, may not necessarily have the means to detect script, pixel or image fraud. All of our campaigns will either have a fraud prevention mechanism already built in, or all external campaigns are all pre-screened and verified that fraud prevention mechanisms have some type of filtering system enabled. What this means from a publisher perspective, is that we can ensure a no charge back policy, since again; any fraudulent traffic is already filtered real time. Secondly, all campaigns have already been price adjusted for incentivized and virtual currency metrics, based on historic metrics. The benefit, to you the publisher, is that price reductions and prorated payout decreases, have also been eliminated. Finally, all campaigns are tested for yield, retention and overall LTV based on the specific category and media of your publishing type. Bubblegum only takes the top 10-15% of all campaigns that have brought in to the Bubblegum Network from a yield perspective as well.

As an advertiser, by providing submitting your campaigns for approval on Bubblegum, you can be assured that the following criteria has been implemented with our publishing channels, before our publishing team can even provide them to our publishers:

1. All publishers receive at minimum an over the phone interview with our publishing team to ensure that they are operating legitimate sites and operations
2. Site approval for co-registration is required
3. Site approval and live links are required for application bundles
4. IP addresses of traffic properties are validated
5. Our internal tracking, filtering and fraud monitoring platform, Gmtracks, embeds triggers and alerts for the following:
a. Unusually and abnormal conversion rates…even for incentivized traffic
b. Repeat IP patterns, and unusually high redundancy rates
c. Questionable IP’s as well as country extensions

The overall goal of course, to speak to the advertiser is to ensure albeit the core focus is incentivized traffic, that this media segment as a whole can continue to be legitimized as well as flourish, as long as true, fraudulent, sources of traffic can be eliminated – this is the real enemy here…not incentivized traffic itself. Bubblegum Network can work with you to help identify the right media buying plans for you for extended buys longer term buys, and greater LTV.

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