How to Market Your Blog on Reddit


Reddit is one of the most popular social news sites out there, and it has been around for a long time now. The website can help you drive relevant traffic to your blog, if you know what you’re doing.

The best part about Reddit is that its community is really welcoming. If you can deliver real value with your blog post then they will be happy to bring it to the Reddit homepage. The community is used to sharing new and interesting stuff, which clearly means that your content has to be great to get noticed.

So how do you make sure your blog’s promotion is successful on Reddit? Let’s find out:

Focus on Using the Right Title

Reddit doesn’t have a place for description, so the users end up typing really long titles that clearly describe what the link is about. Even you can start off by using a long title that makes sense. See to it that it’s catchy and tells others what the link is about. Do this without compromising on the relevance factor.

The title that you use has to be evergreen. In other words, it should be relevant at all times. This is mainly because you don’t want to miss out on the long term traffic aspect on Reddit. And secondly, you don’t want the community to get a wrong impression about your link.

Spending time crafting the right title can help you get the kind of response you really want from Reddit. Of course, there are other contributing factors too, but the title improves your chances.

Post in the Relevant Category

Sometimes the Reddit response can be real bad just because you forgot to post your link in a relevant reddit. You want interested people to find your link and push it to the front page. Choosing the correct category will help you get noticed by the right people or else you may not get the kind of traffic you desire.

In case you don’t find the appropriate category for your post, just go ahead and post your link in a broader section. But still, see to it that it’s not irrelevant.

If your content is awesome and targeted, you will have no problem finding the right category on Reddit and drawing traffic from it.

Interact and Become a Part of the Community

Don’t forget that Reddit is not a marketing platform, but a virtual place to socialize and share interesting stuff. So it’s crucial that you become a part of the community, have fun and interact with others.

When people hit your Reddit page, they will see how active you are. If they don’t see many links or comments, they might just confuse you for a regular spammer. So it’s important that you also share other links and link to unique, interesting content that people like. Just posting links to your own blog posts is not a good idea.

Go out there, socialize, meet new people and have fun on Reddit. That’s how you market your blog using it – by not directly marketing it.

Do you have any tips to share on using Reddit for blog marketing? Do share them in the comments below!

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