Dead Baby Diet Pills


I have been contemplating the issues lately with the diet industry, especially in light of all the FTC actions. Well, I found one thing that our industry has over the Korean dieting industry: we don’t use dead babies.

According to MSNBC:

South Korean customs officials seized yet another haul of capsules filled with powdered human babies and are on high alert for more. The pills reportedly originated from China, where aborted fetuses and stillborn babies are believed to be dried on stovetops, then crushed into a powder. This extremely alternative medicine is regarded as a cure for many ailments, but just in case the dried human part wasn’t enough to put you off, officials say they actually contain dangerous superbacteria. Unbelievably, no one’s been punished because the pills were for personal use only.

Well, I hope this doesn’t become a fad here in the US, because I’m not going to promote this on a CPA no matter how high it is — even if Oprah or Dr. Oz say it has proven results.

What's your opinion?