AffiliateTraction to Offer Brand Protection


AffiliateTraction is the first affiliate marketing agency to offer affiliate program content oversight for affiliate program management. AffiliateTraction, the multi-national affiliate adverting agency responsible for programs such,, Forever 21, and Lord & Taylor, has partnered with AdComply to provide internet retailers with a way to ensure affiliates’ content is in compliance with their affiliate program policies. The co-developed, customized and client-level customizable solution enables coupon code and content monitoring and provides software tools for monitoring redirects, errors, or dead links, including proprietary technology developed by AffiliateTraction to correct these issues. The product also reviews affiliates’ website copy for vulgarity, hate speech, drug, and alcohol and tobacco related language and reports any violations, enabling AffiliateTraction to provide a higher quality service and higher quality traffic to its internet retailer clients.

AffiliateTraction has taken content oversight to the next level by integrating the results into their proprietary single-point client dashboard, which offers merchants a single-login access to view all affiliate program sales, traffic statistics, comprehensive and real-time financial savings data, and brand compliance oversight summaries. AffiliateTraction has also built-in technology to manage promotion codes for validity, identifying (previously unidentifiable)affiliates who may continue to promote campaigns past their expiration date or promote coupons they are restricted from using, resulting in dissatisfied customers and lower sales conversions.

AffiliateTraction uses AdComply technology to monitor publishers for violations in ad placement, ad copy and surrounding webpage content, allowing the agency to identify and prevent efforts that may be out of date, harmful to client brand identity, or in violation with affiliate terms. AffiliateTraction chose AdComply after multiple side-by-side tests with other content brand oversight solutions, determining it to be the best solution for their clients, and AdComply has proven that with flexibility, technological growth, and ongoing evolutions in fighting site content brand violations .

CEO of AdComply, Kevin Wolski, touched on this point when discussing the new partnership, “We have been collaborating with AffiliateTraction for close to a year now, developing a specific suite of tools to support AffiliateTraction based on their specifications. Partnering with AffiliateTraction has been a great benefit as we were able to leverage their extensive knowledge and client base as an affiliate marketing agency to develop the best in content brand oversight. An area of growing concern in the affiliate space has been promotion code affiliates and how publishers are using promotion codes and discount offers. The system built for AffiliateTraction monitors these traffic sources to ensure publishers are using up to date and correct codes,” explained Wolski.

AffiliateTraction CEO Greg Shepard stressed the importance of the partnership with AdComply, “AffiliateTraction specializes in brand equity internet retailers. We must be able to ensure all our clients’ brands are protected in all channels at all times and we consistently seek vendors like AdComply to help us achieve this goal. We chose AdComply because they enable transparency into the exact content and placement of our clients’ ads on affiliate sites. Their services have allowed us to provide extreme value to every client because our in-house staff can closely monitor each affiliate program and help clients to save valuable time, money, and brand value.”

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