Ads Direct Names Self #1 Company


Never heard of Ads Direct? That’s strange, because according to their press releases, they are the #1 Performance Marketing Company in the world. Yes, despite there being tons of other companies in the industry that have been doing this a lot longer, and in theory a lot better, this company has been sending press releases out lately claiming that they are not only one of the top companies in the industry, but the #1 company in the industry.

I bet you didn’t know that they also won an award for being the #1 Performance Marketing Company in the World? Yes, according to a press release, Ads Direct has been awarded as the #1 Performance Marketing Company in the world, by none other than, themselves. Yes, they have made up a non-existent award and given it to themselves.

Why care about this type of crap? Among other things, there are tons of companies in the industry that deserve awards – and perhaps in the future they will be one of them. It obviously is a huge slap in the face for those companies that actually win awards and are voted by people as actual top performance marketing companies. We give out awards in this publication to real performance marketing companies that are voted by our readers, as does several other publication and even Affiliate Summit.

Worst than that, it hurts our industry when companies issue completely false and deceptive statements about themselves and the industry. We expect people to pump their business—but not to a degree that are patently false. Ads Direct isn’t just looking stupid but is hurting other people with these claims. The industry has been told by the FTC that we need to clean up our act, stop making false claims — and here is a company promoting itself as something they are clearly not. While it may not be that big of a deal, it goes back to the problem in our industry of those who think they can say anything, promote products anyway, even if it’s completely false and deceptive.

Note Below, the screenshot of the press release on their site


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