Adknowledge Bashes Neverblue & Epic Financials


Goliath Advertising Network Adknowledge has issued a press release announcing new payment structures for publishers and proclaiming their financial success. However, in the same press release the company questions the financial stability of both Neverblue and Epic.

 While Adknowledge continues to meet the changing needs of their publishers, other networks in the industry are struggling: Velo Holdings Inc, parent company of Neverblue, Lava Life and Vertrue, filed for bankruptcy with over $1 Billion in debt; Epic Media Group’s Affiliate Division, formerly known as Azoogle, has reportedly stopped paying publishers; and Adteractive announced that they would be closing their doors without fulfilling their financial obligations to publishers.

The press release implies not only that Adknowledge will continue paying publishers on time, but that affiliates and marketers need to question the ability of Neverblue and Epic to continue paying publishers. This comes at a time where more and more affiliates are worried about the financial ability of networks to pay, and shows a new more aggressive stance of competing networks in advertising their services and ability to pay.

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