75% Don’t Click on Facebook Ads


If you didn’t hear General Motors has decided to stop working with Facebook as it “just didn’t work” according to the brand. It’s a huge blow to Facebook’s IPO when major companies are starting to leave Facebook.

Well, the glowing folks at Greenlight Digital, who have released several studies that don’t bode well for Facebook, are now claiming that as much of 44% of users have never clicked on a Facebook Advertisement on the social network. On top of that another 31% rarely click on ads.

The 44% number is what is really troubling for Facebook, because it means the methodology in which Facebook uses and the format is pretty bad. Facebook’s biggest problem continues to be their advertising system: while it’s making lots of money, more and more people are saying it’s not effective. On top of that, the Media has gone nuts on Facebook lately, claiming that Facebook advertising sucks in general.


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