New CPA Optimization Exchange Launched


Bevo Media has just announced the launching of their new platform, The Bevo Media Exchange. The platform features a fully built-in yield optimization service, known as the CPAOptimizer. The new Bevo Media Exchange allows users to display their highest converting offer and landing page combination for each given impression. The Bevo Exchange is essentially the performance marketing version of the Right Media Exchange and The Rubicon Project.

With the new platform, Bevo Media also introduced their Fingerprint Pixel tracking. This tracking method is a new cookieless, cross domain tracking method, which is seemingly miles better and more accurate than the industry standard cookie and subID based tracking methods.

Another major unique feature of the Bevo Media Exchange Platform is that it actually allows users to retrieve their affiliate links from their networks right from the Exchange’s interface. This feature essentially allows affiliates to run their entire campaign from the Bevo Platform.

The Bevo Media Exchange is now live at

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