Cyberplex CX Digital Fire Sale


Cyberplex, the parent company of CX Digital, has announced that it’s selling is display business, Tsavo Media, as part of a financial fire sale.  Tsavo had recently been in the news after being accused by Yahoo of providing junk traffic, and being forced to repay monies based on this traffic.  Cyberplex, a public company, has been plagued by bad news, including dwindling revenues and a huge hit from the rebill scandals that rocked the performance marketing industry. Cyberplex’s revenue had decreased from $106M in 2010 to $55.5 in 2011.

Under the terms of the Transaction, the $33 Million consideration is to be satisfied as to: (i) $7,320,000 in cash; (ii) the assumption by the purchaser of the debt obligations of Tsavo Media and CX Ontario Holdings Inc. under the senior secured credit facility with American Capital Ltd. in the approximate amount of US$24,650,000; (iii) the assumption by the purchaser of a further debt obligation of a subsidiary of Cyberplex in the principal amount of $500,000 plus accrued interest, (iv) the transfer from Tsavo of certain internet domain properties valued at approximately $160,000; and (v) the transfer of 6,314,545 common shares of the Company held by former management of Tsavo Media, representing slightly less than 5% of the Company’s issued and outstanding common shares, back to the Company for cancellation. The purchaser in the Transaction is a company in which Ted Hastings, former President of Cyberplex, has a financial interest.

“Over the past 18 months the team at Tsavo worked extremely hard to overcome challenges presented by the situation at Yahoo!.” said Geoffrey Rotstein, CEO of Cyberplex. “But in the end, Tsavo in its current state does not hold strategic value to Cyberplex and continues to be an impediment to creating shareholder value at Cyberplex.”

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