Adscend Wins Some Against Wash AG


Just a few short months ago the Washington State AG got up and told the world about how Adscend Media was involved in some huge scheme on Facebook and announce they were going to be suing them for a bunch of money, alleging fraud, deceptive practices and some other things.

Well, just yesterday, the AG of Washington dropped most of the claims against Adscend Media voluntarily, leaving many people to wonder why they were filed at first. From the start, Adscend Media had claimed that the lawsuit was very strange and made no sense and their story is seeming to be more and more plausible.

Now the complaint against Adscend Media, found below, seems to have lost most of its bite and what is left is basically a CAN-SPAM complaint. This is a very, very curious turn of events, because it means that the Washington AG, before any court proceedings, decided that most of their original complaint was not valid.

Unfortunately, after filling this complaint the media went after Adscend Media, claiming incorrectly they were involved with Malware, Clickjacking and a whole host of problems.

I personally sincerely hope that the AG, after parading Adscend Media all over the media as a fraudster, issues an apology. It’s obvious that, as Adscend Media claimed from the start, they did not do their proper investigation work or even contacted Adscend Media to determine what was going on.

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