Why I’m Moving to Las Vegas and Why Marketers Should Also


After two years in Colorado, I’ve decided to move. My first selection was to Arizona, probably Scottsdale, as I love the area, love the houses and really love the weather. However, while looking at places in the Phoenix area, both my fiancé and myself decided to consider looking out of curiosity at the Las Vegas area. We had lived there in 2008-2009, and never considered this would be a place where we’d raise a family, or ever go back to. However, after much consideration, we decided to buy a house in Las Vegas and make it our home.  I believe that right now, it’s perhaps one of the best places to consider moving to if you are an internet marketer, and here’s why:

1)   No State Income Taxes. One of the most compelling reasons to move there was the complete lack of State Income taxes. We had looked at both Arizona and California, and figured that we’d be paying in California approximately 40k a year more in taxes, and about 25k more a year in Phoenix. While we loved some places in both States, it didn’t seem that we would be getting that much more services for that money.

2)   Amazing Housing Prices. Simply put, the housing market here is the worse in the nation, and there is a plethora of houses on the market for amazing prices. Many new developments were built from 2005-2008, with the developers selling the houses for $500-1M on average. Now those houses are going for as little as 1/5th original price. You can find a gorgeous former $1.1M home for as little as $350k from a bank or short sale.  The market has also hit bottom and stabilized, so it’s a perfect opportunity to buy a place as an investment. We are talking about gorgeous new homes, many with pools, amazing kitchens and bathrooms.

3)   Awesome Food and Entertainment. It’s Las Vegas and the food an entertainment is spectacular. There are only a few places in the Country that has better food (New York, LA, SF) and many of the top restaurants have a version in Las Vegas now. There is also always something to do, and as a local resident if you want to save money, you can sometimes get great prices for tickets last minute.  There’s always something to do.

One of the least known things about Las Vegas is that it’s perfect both for singles and families. We were worried when we first started researching Vegas that there would be nothing to do for our 2-year-old son. However, we found that there was amazing preschool facilities that were better prices for high quality education than our current locale. Additionally, there are tons of kids activities, museums, hikes and much more to do. Obviously, there is also a lot for us to do while the kid is at school!

Consider moving to Las Vegas if you are looking to save money, have fun and make a great investment.

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