How to Make Your Call to Action Button Effective


Having an effective call to action button on your website is essential. If you don’t call your visitors/prospects to take action, how will they know what to do?

People want to be guided, so don’t expect them to know everything on their own. The last thing you want is to get them confused and hit that dreaded ‘x’ mark on their browsers.

By simply adding a call to action button on your page, your conversion rates can shoot up. Look around, you’ll find some of the most popular websites using call to action buttons in the most creative manner. Designing such buttons not only takes artistic finesse but also requires an eye for the detail.

What’s Your Goal?

Before you actually start working on that call to action button, it’s important that you first determine your main goal.

Call to action buttons can help you achieve a number of things. The main purpose of this button is to get your visitors to actually do something. This something could be:

  • Downloading a file
  • Requesting some information
  • Adding a product to shopping cart
  • Subscribing to a newsletter
  • Navigating to the next page

You need to be very clear about what you want to achieve from your button to get the best results.

Here are 5 simple to apply tips that will help you make your call to action powerful enough.

#1: Make It Stand Out of the Crowd

What’s the use of putting up a call to action button if it gets ignored? The number one factor that you need to focus on is making your button stand out. This can be done by using ample amount of white space around it and strategically placing it in the middle of the page.

Don’t make the mistake of surrounding the button with ads, it’ll defeat the whole purpose of having a call to action in the first place.

#2: Use the Right Text

The text that appears within the button has to be inviting – something that makes your prospect take action. Use words like ‘buy now’ ‘take a free trial’ ‘sign up for free’ in order to make your button appealing and clear.

This not only helps you create a better impact on your prospects, but also increases the conversion rate. Avoid using text that doesn’t present itself well as it’ll only backfire.

#3: Make it Big, Bold and Beautiful

It’s okay to have a big call to action button that simply leaps out on you. Make it colorful, bright and something that’s hard to ignore. The whole idea is to make your prospects feel the pull towards taking action right away.

Call to action buttons that are small and weak tend to be less attractive. So go ahead and experiment with different sizes and colors to know what works for you the best.

#4: Offer a Strong Guarantee

There’s no doubt that guarantees work. Adding one beneath your call to action button will boost your conversions and win the trust of your prospects.

Taking off the risk from your prospect’s shoulders is one of the most efficient ways to get more sales and show that them that you are the real deal. Remember, the more legitimate you are in your approach, the better results you will get.

#5: Bring in the Urgency Factor

Getting prospects to act immediately is what every online marketer wants. Adding urgency to your call to action button makes it easy for you to achieve this. After all, you don’t just want your prospects to take action, but you want them to take it now.

When you make them feel like they’re about to lose a good offer, it increases the chances of them going ahead with the action you want them to take.

The idea is to make the prospect take a quick decision, because the longer he takes, the higher are the chances that he’ll move back. When you make your button urgent, you will see a definite change in the way your prospects respond to your offer.


Every single step that you take  towards perfecting your call to action button goes a long way. After all, it’s not just about generating traffic to your website, but also about converting it on a consistent basis.

What tactics do you use to make your call to action button more effective? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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