FTC Contacts More CPA Affiliate Networks about Possible Actions


Performance Marketing Insider has learned that the FTC has alerted at least half-a-dozen networks that they are in the target for possible enforcement actions. These networks have received what are called “civil investigative demands” which have asked networks to provide information about their practices and specific affiliates they are doing business with.

According to insiders, the CIDs have been mainly sent to affiliate networks that were involved with Acai and Flog sites, and are mainly being used compile a list of possible companies to go after.  It seems also that attorneys for the FTC have already made it clear with some of the networks, that they can chose to settle and sign an agreement immediately – or will face actions in the future.

With enforcement actions being very expensive and even leading to putting companies out of business, these actions are concerns to both the networks and the affiliates. Super-Affiliates including Tanner Vaughn and Ricardo Jose Labra  faced actions and had their assets taken, when the FTC learned about their actions from CPA Networks in previous CID’s.  One can assume that more affiliates will face possible actions for promoting offers in a deceptive manner, including using flogs.

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