Five Lies New CPA Networks Tell


I saw a post on WarriorForum in which someone claimed that he was going to open his own CPA Network, but needed help with knowing how to get offers.  It totally blew my mind that this guy wanted to start a business with absolutely no idea what they were doing or any background in the business — minus reading WarriorForum. Yet it seems that with the ability for anyone to signup to some affiliate system and create their own “CPA Network” it that everyone is out to convince affiliates why they need to sign up for the newest, best new CPA network.

Yes, Jimmy is going to start a CPA Network out of Mom’s basement and attempt to convince you that they are a real company, with a real possibility of making it while he goes to school and spends all his profits on video games and online porn. He’s going to make you millions while at the same time playing World of Warcraft.

Here are four obvious lies that CPA Networks are telling you that you shouldn’t believe:

1)    Run by Industry Veterans.  Most of these claims are also matched with the fact that there is nothing about the person’s background on their website. At 19 years old, it’s unlikely there is that much experience in the industry. Instead of talking about what their experience really is, these networks like to use this phrase even though the owner miserably failed at being an affiliate before launching their “network.”

2)    Exclusive Offers. How many networks have you signed up to and haven’t found any exclusive offers, despite in big red letters proclaiming that is what they are all about. There aren’t that many offers out there, and most new networks don’t have the resources to make their own offers.

3)    Great Customer Service. Considering that this new CPA Affiliate network just started and is run by one guy trying to also learn the industry, the customer service is going to be less than stellar. It will be most likely the “owner” attempting to learn from you about what he should be doing.

4)    Highest Guaranteed Payout. What does this even mean? If you don’t give me the highest payout, are you going to give me something in return? Not only is that an impossible claim for a new network, but its fraudulent since there is no way that since they are brokering from other networks, that they can even begin to guarantee it. This is purely a questionable technique to lie to affiliates.

5)    Pay on Time. Simply put bullshit.  A new network, unless funded by someone with money, can never pay on time. That’s the problem with opening any business, and time and time again, new CPA networks have proven that they cannot pay on time because they have absolutely no cash flow. Since some guy with less money than you is running most of these new CPA networks, you are basically giving them a loan they may never repay.

What's your opinion?