Buildmyrank Link Network Busted


Thanks to Panda 3.3 from Google, another private blog network has bit the dust., a network that had advertised all over the place including WarriorForum found itself in a horrible situation, when Google automatically de-listed the entire blog network from Google as a paid linking system.

A statement from the company went: “As with any link-building network, some de-indexing activity is expected and ours has been within a permissible range for the past two years. Unfortunately, this morning, our scripts and manual checks have determined that the overwhelming majority of our network has been de-indexed (by Google), as of March 19, 2012. In our wildest dreams, there’s no way we could have imagined this happening.”

Google has taken on for a while any paid linking system, but Panda 3.3 has gone to a whole new level, analyzing the value of links that are coming from low quality sites, such a article sites or junk blogs. This means that it will look for a large amount of outbound links that serve no purpose except to create “link-juice.” wrote the best explanation:

Google doesn’t index those sites anymore, therefor they don’t see or count your links anymore. In turn, this weakens your back link profile, and your rankings start to drop – or tank all-together (depending on how much these types of links made up your entire back link profile). I’ve heard around the web that this is happening to not only Build My Rank, but also to services like LinkVana, Authority Link Network, and many other names we’re probably familiar with.

Barry Schwartz of SearchEngineLand wrote of the problems that occur while using these services:

On one hand, I am surprised so many people still participate in quick and easy tactics like this? Google has a long history of going after link and blog networks. Here is just one more example. But I guess when things sem to work and it is easy, a human will often go with it. Even though network after network has been hit by the paid link penalties and worse.

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