A Million a Month with Mass Desire Offers


To be a “super-affiliate” or a high volume advertiser, you need to choose to offer consumers a product or service that affects the masses; an offer that millions, if not billions of people are going to want or need every day. Mass desire/mass market offers have no limit to the amount of sales that can be made in a day by a skilled marketer. Why? Because every male or female in the world is the target demographic. This article is about determining the difference between a mass market vs. a niche offer and how to do the market research to determine if it is a scalable business model – the type of business you can take from fifty leads a day to well over 1,000+.

I define mass markets as the type that affect almost everybody on this planet, now and ten years from now. Women all want to be skinny and lose weight, and they will always be this way…unless cultures evolve in the future to consider obese women “sexy.” Men want large muscles. Everybody either needs money or wants to make money (there is a difference). People naturally want a companion (dating/adult offers).

Examples of offers you are probably familiar with…

  • To serve the “weight-loss” market are HCG, ACAI, African Mango and other nutraceuticals.
  • To serve the “male muscle enhancement: nitric oxide supplements and male enhancement pills
  • To serve the “make money” market: bizopp, work-from-home opportunities
  • To serve the “need money’ market: payday loans and cash for gold

Each one of these verticals are billion dollar industries.

On the other hand, you have “niche” markets. Niche markets affect a smaller group of the population based on more personal preferences and therefore limit your ability to do 500, 1000, 5000 or more sales a day. On a side note, why do I keep referring to sales by the day, and not the month or year? There’s an old saying that marketers are concerned with how much money they are going to make TODAY, and business owners are concerned with how much their business is going to be worth in five YEARS. I recommend treating your offers and campaigns as real businesses so not only do you make money today, but you also own something of value in the future.

A niche market would be golf instruction, for example. I could create a complete golf training program with an ebook and video instruction. I could have the best testimonials in the world and celebrity endorsements. I could cross-sell a golf fitness program and upsell a joint-relief nutraceutical. I’m still not going to do 5,000 sales a day on this offer. There’s just not enough mass cultural or natural desire to sustain this. I could do a comfortable living at 50-100 sales a day and monetize the back-end by offering training aids, golf equipment, etc.

A good way to determine how scalable the model is is to visit a site analytic tool such as Compete.com. Identify who your largest competitors are on the affiliate networks and media buy channels (google, bing, yahoo, ad networks) and see how much volume (unique visitors) they have every month. If you see 8,000,000 unique visitors every month, you can be fairly certain they have a sustainable model that is making their marketing campaigns profitable month after month. If there’s 30k visitors per month, it could still be a great model that is making money, but either a smaller market, less talented marketing team or a lower budget.

So choose your offer, design your marketing creatives and launch.


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