3 Ways to Become a Super Affiliate


What separates super affiliates from regular affiliates. That’s one question that gets asked over and over again in the affiliate marketing circles. Even though it may sound complicated, the answer to it is pretty simple.

Super affiliates are smart enough to do what the average affiliates don’t do. That’s what gives them an edge over the majority. That’s how they’re able to pull in bigger, fatter checks. That’s how they live the super affiliate lifestyle earning a six figure income working in their pajamas.

So what does it take to become smarter at the affiliate game? Nothing extraordinary.

Given below are 3 ways to help you become a better, more responsible affiliate who takes his ‘job’ seriously.

#1: Become an Affiliate Blogger

The easiest way to sell is to become an authority and have your target audience eat out of your hand. Having your own blog can help you become a strong authority within your niche, giving you the freedom to spread knowledge and cash in on affiliate sales through recommendations.

People are tired of sales pitches and flashy ads. They want someone who can take them by hand and show them the right from wrong. The good from bad. The beautiful from the ugly. As an affiliate blogger you will be able to achieve that and much more.

By educating your audience and showing them the ins and outs of your industry, you’ll be able to win their trust. Once that happens, you automatically do whatever you can to promote the best products to them and they make sure they buy from you. Why? Because your prospects trust you and you don’t want to break it. This creates a win-win situation.

So go ahead and be an authority affiliate marketer instead of a faceless blackhat marketer that nobody knows.

#2: Create Social Connections

The Internet is wide open and more social than ever before. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have opened doors to a whole new world of web marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you need to look beyond Google and take advantage of the growing social trends.

While all those struggling affiliates are busy trying to rank for insanely-long-tail-keywords working their butt off, you be smart and work on creating strong social connections to leverage them in the future.

Using social media you can position yourself as a ‘guide’ or a ‘helpful expert’ more than a ruthless affiliate marketer. Doing this makes it easy for you to get on the social radar of your target audience. It becomes extremely easy to tap into your own growing network to promote any new affiliate offers that come your way. That’s how you make bank as an affiliate in the web 2.0 era.

#3: Provide Something Unique

If there’s one thing that most of the affiliate marketers cringe at doing then it is hard work. So if you can avoid that ‘cringe’, you’ll be better off than the 95% out there. If you’re ready to put your brain sweat into creating and providing something unique and useful for your prospects, they will not only remember you, but also respect you. Know you. Trust you. Buy from you.

Invest your time into bringing out the uniqueness in your approach, no matter how hard it looks. Create a tool, a report, a white paper, a research document – anything that is not only unique but also gives immense value. Show your market that you mean business, and you will do business. Period.

What kind of steps do you take as an affiliate to stand out of the crowd? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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