10 Great Women of CPA Affiliate Marketing


Last week we had a highly publicized article about 10 Women of Affiliate Marketing, and a lot of people came back to me asking to add other women. The purpose of this series is to help promote positive images of women in our industry, especially when our industry unfortunately sometimes pushes negative images. Additionally, there is a fiction that women are not prominent in the industry, when the fact is many, many women are the heads of companies, the one making the decisions and drive more revenue than any dude.

Here are 10 more amazing women in the industry, focused on making money on the CPA Affiliate Space. Again, there is no reason to the order whatsoever.

Abby Whitridge, Co-Founder w4
If you don’t know Abby, you don’t know CPA Marketing! She’s one of the first employees of Hydra and was an essential part of their team. When the Walker clan started their new company in 2009, they knew they must bring her on board and make her a partner.

Samantha Murphy, Founder of Marathon Ads
Has been in the industry for as long as I can remember, but only recently started her own company, MarathonAds.  She’s one of those old-timers in the industry that everyone knows and respects.

Casey Cummings, VP at CrushAds
Casey is one of the founders of the affiliate industry in South Florida. If you want to do business in South Florida, she’s the gateway to everything, acting as a defacto Godfather, ergh, Godmother of the CPA industry. She’s one of the OGs and gets our respect.  (Although I think the first time I spoke to her on the phone I insulted her. Sorry!)

Arikka Greene, Social Media Maven & Expert
Arikka is the former head of global sales at MegaUpload but more importantly, the lady behind half a dozen very influential Facebook groups.  She currently is living the good life in the South of France, but is rumored to have at least two-dozen companies courting her for C-Level positions around the world. She’s definitely in the know!

Amanda Currie, Founder Frontline Direct, SVP Adconion
Founded one of the top database management companies in the world, she helped change the face of email marketing. With over 100M records, it’s one of the top real targeted, non-spam marketing companies out there.  She’s one of the main reasons for it’s success.

Stacey Sicard, President of REG Performance Network
Stacey another one of those old-timers who has been doing this forever. She started her career in 1998, with the legendary marketing company YouWinIt.com. Before there was really a CPA marketing industry, she was making the industry. Since then she’s helped create and develop half a dozen other companies in the industry.

Jill Fletcher, COO Adperio
Jill is one of the original executives at Adperio FKA Memolink. They are the original incentive based point company in the industry. As Adperio, they are the premiere incentivize based agency in the US, with major clients including NetFlix.

Laura Belzer, CEO of Abacus Enterprises
Abacus is a well-known boutique network focused on hosted co-reg and lead generation campaigns. Almost all of them are unique, ones you will not find anywhere else. She’s owned this staple in the industry since 2002 and has made a name for herself for the last 10 years.

Holly Brown, CEO of Wheaten & Wheaten
Also one of the original gals (OG) in the industry, Holly founded Wheaten & Wheaten as one of the premiere performance marketing agencies. They also operate their own affiliate network at AdFoundry which promoted their own in house offers and a bunch of other well known brands.

Amy Sheridan, CEO of BluePhoenix Media
I’ve known Amy since I called her out in my original publication ADBUmb in 2000 or so.  Actually, before that she was actually one of my first sales people, and I bought media from her at MusicVision, her first company in the industry.  She’s opinionated, strong and definitely someone who makes it known she doesn’t take any BS.

Danielle Raybuck, Partner Weekly
What can you say about Danielle that not everyone already knows. She’s specialized the art of networking on Facebook and is one of the most liked, most personable women in the industry. Plus, she’s going to be my neighbor soon, so I had to add her out of fear that if I didn’t I’d have my house TP’ed.
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