Retailers Shutting Stores, Good for Affiliates?


Several major retailers chains have announced that they are shutting a bunch of stores, and in several cases will be filling for bankruptcy.

According to a report by Forbes, Sears, the famous chain of household appliances is in serious trouble and will be closing a bunch of stores. Similarly, Macy’s, JC Penny, Gap and Talbots are all having serious issues, both because of the economy and fashion preference changes.

Part of the reason for the issues, according to the report, is because companies like Walmart are providing everything for consumers, often at cheaper prices… and with the added benefit of being able to view extremely fat people in spandex.

What the report doesn’t point out is that online advertising spending is still up, which means in theory that online purchases are still up as they were during the past Holiday Season.
Affiliates can take from this continued need for shopping comparisons and shopping based sites. Many people still go to the Internet for reviews on products, from Espresso Machines to Dog Cleaning Care Supplies and any site that provides actual, useful and relevant content to these products will find good traffic.

The key continues to be relevant and good content, because Google is ignoring more and more sites that just provide spam content and junk content. Additionally, as Google investigates more and more link-schemes, they are removing more and more sites, “slapping” them for link spamming. Instead they are giving better rankings to those sites that have actual links from other real sites.

Invest in creating real content that consumers would want to read on specific topics, and while it may take time to build traffic, eventually you’ll find your target audience. Investigate other similar sites, get to know those bloggers and you’ll find the links you need to get in the rankings.

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