New Incentive Network Launched by CPAWAY


Would like to let everyone know, Incentivize, Inc. has arrived. As all of you are well aware, ours is an industry which continues to evolve. So too is this new incent platform within TheWay Holdings, LLC. suite of companies.

I introduce this company with some familiarity, as Incentivizes’ big brother CPAWay, Inc. has been a sponsor of Performance Marketing Insider since our launch.

As I already mentioned, this platform exists exclusively to serve its current and future incent account base and will cater to:

·         Content Locker Publishers
·         Virtual Currency Publishers
·         Offer Wall Publisher
·         Hard Incent Publishers and Merchants
·         Soft Incent Publisher and Merchants

What I found most appealing about the Incentivize site, was how simply it actually is to use. And for all the newbies in our industry, have no fear as you will love all the information in the FAQ area which will make life and money making a breeze.

There is no doubt that this sites catch phrase Incentivize = $$ in your pocket is dead on. And although other networks may have their mascots, nobody but nobody has The Dumpees.  These animated shapes with faces and names were created it seems to remind affiliates of and their customers how easy this platform can be.

While I expected it to be the case, I have to admit it was nice to see the site reflect just how high of a Customer Relationship Management and ethical standards the company has.

I’ve come to expect nothing more from CPAWAY and look forward to hearing more about

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