New Facebook Want Button Rolled Out


The CEO of AddShoppers, Jon West, emailed me yesterday to inform me that they have officially announced the first integration of a Facebook “Want Button.”  This is pretty cool new feature that they have rolled out which allows anyone to click on a “Want” or “Own” button that will be integrated into the Open Graphs section of Facebook and appear on user’s timelines.

  • Track Wants and Owns to revenue & conversions
  • Pinpoint top performing products to market on Facebook
  • Reward customers who share
  • Easy 5-minute installation
  • Free!

AddShoppers bills itself as a one-stop place where merchants can effectively measure ROI and also reward sharing. It allows retailers to determine who among customers are doing the most sharing, and in theory then target them for more deals and other ways to make them promote products more often. The reward system allows those who promote more to get coupons, deals and special tips.

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