How to Become a Panda Friendly Affiliate


Most of the affiliate marketers know the value of organic search traffic. Many even strive to strike an SEO home run. And why not? After all, it’s free exposure if you manage to get ranked for the right keywords. However, things don’t seem to be that rosy after Google’s Panda update – reaching the first page of the search results has become plain difficult.

So how does a regular affiliate marketer cope with the situation without resorting to any unethical practices? The answer lies in becoming friends with the Panda, rather than trying to game it. And how do you do that? By showing Google that you’re worth it.

Be a Creative Juggernaut

The Internet has a lot of junk floating around. There’s a massive amount of useless content created only for the sake of procuring artificial backlinks. Google created Panda to combat this very problem – so that it could filter out the good from the bad, and give quality results.

If you’ve been involved in the affiliate marketing industry even for a while, you should know to what extent some affiliates can go to achieve top rankings. Right from creating fake product reviews to spamming the web with low quality articles, it’s all happening. So if you want to make an impact and build a long term relationship with the search engines, you have to be creative in your approach.

Do Things Differently

Take targeted action in a way that sets you apart from the rest. Go a step ahead than the other affiliates in your market. Stop following the crowd and pave your own path. If all the others are after making quick money, you aim at delivering value. Here are a few ideas to help you inject creativity in your affiliate marketing to boost your search engine rankings:

  • Create a highly detailed video review of the product, rather than writing a short overview of it.
  • Talk to customers, take their feedback on how the product worked for them, and publish real case studies on your blog.
  • Educate your prospects about the ins and outs of your market with in-depth content in the form of reports, blog posts, videos, etc.
  • Interview an expert from the industry or the product creator itself, and publish it on your website.
  • Spread useful ideas by leveraging social sites such as Facebook and Twitter and build a list of prospects that you can promote to later on.
  • Add a forum to your niche site and get your visitors involved – understand the importance of user generated content.

Gain Natural Backlinks

When you give real value, you no longer struggle to get backlinks like most affiliates. By creating content that appeals to your target audience you will have relevant websites linking to you. One big advantage of acquiring backlinks naturally is that you start to see quick results.

Every single creative step that you take towards making your affiliate marketing campaign unique will propel you to new heights. As your content gets popular, you not only get traffic from Google, but also via social media sites.

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