DirectTrack Still Down, Says it Was Scheduled Maintenance


Almost 48 hours since the original crash, Performance Marketing Insider has learned that there are still networks facing significant or complete network outage. As reported yesterday in Dozens of Networks Shut Down: DirectTrack Suffers Massive Failure, DirectTrack reported a massive SANS storage failure. However, several insiders have pointed that this type of failure is highly uncommon, especially when almost all major modern systems have multiple points of redundancy and backup plans in-case this happens.

What makes this story even more strange is that DirectTrack itself, while issuing a statement that there was a failure, also claims something completely different on its website. According to its website, and a Google search confirming it, DirectTrack is claiming that this was a “Schedule Maintenance.” This raises a lot more questions than answers.

Performance Marketing Insider has also learned that one of DirectTrack’s largest CPA Networks has already made plans to move from DirectTrack to another platform. They have asked that we don’t reveal who they are, in order to allow them to download data and make the transfer seamlessly.

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