Did Ryan Eagle Hack Profit Kings Media?


In the never ending drama that occurs with many of the CPA Networks, accusations of illegal hacking has arisen. As per an email sent by Yousif Yalda, the owner of Profit King Media, his AIM account has been hacked and someone has been sending out AIMs that his company is out of business. According to him, the person behind it is none other than Ryan Eagle, the sometimes-controversial owner of Eagle Web Assets, the parent company of content locking company BLAM and CPA Network EWA Network.

The email, sent late Saturday Night stated

Ryan Eagle, from EWA Network (known online for stiffing affiliates for thousands of dollars) has hacked into AIM account PKMYousif. Malicious IMs are being sent out in the masses to everyone on contact list. We are NOT going out of business. Please disregard all rumors.

Profit Kings Media is here to stay and thrive. We will continue to pay our affiliates weekly, always.

Enjoy your weekend guys!

Some have described Profit Kings Media as being very similar to EWA, and in fact, the two companies were known to have worked together.  In fact, both Yalda and Eagle were supposedly close friends, working in the same area in Chicago.

In an interview Yalda, claimed that they were really good friends:

Ryan Eagle. Believe it or not, we are really good friends. Everyone knows the heat that goes on between us. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be in the affiliate marketing industry. I met him off a forum one day and found out he was local too. I give props where they are due. He didn’t teach me affiliate marketing but he laid the foundation of what it’s all about. Because he mentioned that this type of business/industry exists, is why I’m here doing my thing. Our relationship is that of a drug dealing operation. We step on each other’s territory all the time, as he owns a network too (EWGAY), and we fight about it, but always shake hands.

We have reached out to both parties to try to get their side of the story, but have not heard back from them as of publication. Of course, we are curious if the accusations are true, if Yalda will be pressing criminal charges, and if not, what actions Eagle will be taking against Yalda for possible defamation.

You have to really wonder however about the industry, when people call their affiliate businesses a “drug dealing operation.” Either way, popcorn for everyone.

Update: 11:47mst Ryan Eagle has responded to us with this statement:

It’s a very bizarre situation to say the least, the issue was elevated to me (along with the slanderous comments) and my legal has already contacted him requesting that it cease & desists. I’m quite honestly just trying to avoid all of this drama that people are stirring up as there are much bigger fish to fry.


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