Bevo Media Launches First CPA Ad Exchange


Bevo Media, an online marketing technology company based in San Diego, is set to launch the first ever exchange for the performance marketing industry in March 2012. The platform will give internet marketers the opportunity to display their highest converting ads, landing pages, and affiliate offers for any given impression. This technology, although present in the Cost Per Milli (CPM) sector of online marketing, has yet to be created in the Cost Per Action (CPA) industry.

“Our objective has been to bring every side of the performance marketing industry together since day one of building Bevo Media. The new Bevo Media Exchange platform is what our team has envisioned every step of the way,” said Michael Chambrello, Managing Partner at Bevo Media.

Bevo Media launched it’s initial tracking platform in 2010. In February 2011, Bevo launched a platform made exclusively to facilitate affiliate networks ability to recruit publishers. Since their initial launch, Bevo Media has become one of the most popular tracking platform’s in the affiliate industry, servicing the tracking needs of thousands of affiliate marketers.


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