SEO Tips For WordPress


WordPress is definitely the best blogging tools out there, and it’s one that I’ve used since 2005 when I opened HTML is great to know, but using WordPress makes your job easier and allows you to spend more time marketing a product, creating articles and making money.

 1)   Install a SEO Plugin.
One of the reasons I love WordPress is that there are baliziions of plugins created for WordPress. There are many, many recommended SEO products, but the issue with most of them is that they don’t work really well when you site gets larger and worse causes your site to slow down. I am using Greg’s High Performance SEO Plugin for WordPress. This plugin is far the best plugin I tested, based on ease of use, but as I mentioned, doesn’t slow down your site that much.  Again, some of the more popular SEO plugins are memory hogs and don’t work that well.

2)   Find an Use Targeted Keywords.
Using Keywords is probably the best way to bring traffic in from Google. Simply put, finding which keywords to use instead of other ones can help you best Optimize WordPress. I use Google Insights for Search  often to start off my SEO Optimization for WordPress.

3)   Use a Good Host Provider. 
A lot of the providers will have you with 200 other customers and on some days your worpdress blog will be like molasses.  Much of the industry is recommending BlueHost because its cheap, quick and has great customer support. If you don’t have a good host provider, you’ll find your site down, unreachable and it will hurt your search engine rankings!

4)   Always Link to Relevant Posts using Anchors.
Basically, you want to ensure that Google knows how to categorize your posts, and Internal links can assist you with that, plus pushes users around and creates more page views.  I use a free program called SEO SmartLinks that is very useful. It allows me to create keywords and have WordPress automatically link to specific articles based on those Keywords.

5)   Have a SiteMap.
You’d be amazed how many sites forget to do this. Sitemaps are one of the key ways to ensure that Google indexes and re-indexes your site on a regular basis.  Google XML Sitemaps is one of the best tools for this.

6)   Limited Banners Above the Fold, at the top.
I know that income often comes from the banners, but as per this article, Google doesn’t really like banners much anymore.

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