Report: 30% of Ad Impressions are Crap


According to ComScore, the parent company of AdXpose an advertising verification company, a great deal of display advertising on the web is never actually seen.  Using their new tool called Validated Campaign Essentials, Comscore claims they can actual track which advertisements are actually seen by consumers, and which are not.

According to the report, the reason that almost 1/3 of all advertisements are not seen, is because they are generally placed so far below on the website, that no one actually views them.  Quite a few content websites, in order to generate more income, often put 728×90 advertisements on the bottom. These advertisements are called leaderboards, because they are supposed to be on top. While most advertising networks do not “officially” allow this, many of them ignore when their larger partners place these ads in weird places.

Another part of the report claims something even worse: that 72% of all campaigns were in the wrong place. That usually meant places where the content was not appropriate for the brand advertiser, such as adult-content sites and pirate sites.

This unfortunately shows what many people have been saying for a long time: that many of the display CPM advertising networks and exchanges are serving junk that can’t be seen, or is not on sites that actually are appropriate for brands.  These numbers really show what I’ve been saying for a long time, that Brand Media Buyers are lazy and not really paying attention.

The solution: using metrics that performance-marketing experts have been using. Tracking conversions, having some sort of ROI that shows that the advertisements are not just clicked on, butting hitting the audience that actually wants the product. Just placing crap up anywhere and hoping its “good” needs to stop.

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