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Would like to give a welcome to Wheaten & Wheaten, one of our new sponsors. I have decided to start introducing our sponsors as they come in, and some of the old ones, in order to show appreciation to those who have helped build this site. Without our sponsors, we couldn’t have the LARGEST and most popular publication in Performance Marketing.

Why Wheaten?  Simply put, Wheaten & Wheaten is a full service digital ad agency whose clients include Microsoft, Disney and other top advertisers.  Since 2004 Wheaten has been dedicated to expanding multi-channel opportunities for its advertisers and media partners.  This means working with Wheaten gives you a variety of options to make money.

Here’s just a few of the ways Wheaten can monetize your assets:

LeadDemon – When it comes to lead generation, list management, and data monetization, Wheaten’s LeadDemon lead generation platform delivers higher returns on its clients most valuable asset –data. From call centers to database managers, LeadDemon identifies the right partners to work with to increase the revenue.

AdFoundry – Through its AdFoundry performance ad network, Wheaten’s advertiser clients gain widespread online distribution quickly and with reduced risk. Wheaten’s expertise in matching campaigns to long term media publishing partners gives them the advantage other networks just can’t supply.  Strong publisher relationships are a testament to Wheaten’s integrity and dedication to providing the highest quality compliant campaigns coupled with superior payouts and “no BS” account management.  Publishers can promote various types of offers including host & post, email/zip submit, CPL, CPS and Pay per Call offers.  These span all major verticals including EDU, Dating, Debt, Financial, Health & Beauty, Insurance, and Mobile offers to name the more popular categories.

SafetyNet MediaWheaten’s newest network is devoted to safety niche products.  In fact it is the only network that specifically focuses on products that make life safer for consumers and business owners.  Launched in early 2011, SafetyNet Media has seen incredible growth for its publishers by hopping on the safety trend early.  As US consumers age, they are becoming more and more paranoid about their safety and don’t think twice when it comes to this spending.  Because Wheaten works direct with advertiser, publishers and networks can enjoy greater campaign flexibility and customization, not to mention higher payouts.

Wheaten & Wheaten – From strategy and concepting to flawless campaign execution and multi channel distribution, Wheaten’s ad agency provides the expertise advertisers need to be successful in the fast paced digital landscape.  Wheaten’s seasoned internet marketing professionals manage every aspect of client’s campaigns, including ad buying, SEM and affiliate campaign management (OPM).

Call Centers – Wheaten has been a trusted supplier for call center based campaigns and continues to add high payout opportunities for call centers to increase their per call revenue with high yield stand alone and upsell products and services.  With a growing roster of over 30 call center campaigns to choose from, call center operators can always find a high converting option for their agents to promote.

Wheaten’s multi –channel approach to monetization makes them your one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.  Whether you are a network, an advertiser (or their agency) or a media partner, Wheaten has the experience, the people and the resources to work with you and expand your revenue opportunity horizons.

Contact a Wheaten representative today and find out why we are one of the most respected partners in the digital marketing vertical.  Contact us here.



 IdentityIntact – This Wheaten developed brand helps consumers protect their identity with $1MM identity theft insurance coupled with managed restoration should a subscriber experience an identity theft incident.  Pays out $40, which kicks ass on the Lifelock payout and beats all other identity theft campaigns according to Offervault.  Promote It Now!



IdentityIntactForBusiness – Data breach perpetrated on small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly becoming a target for hackers looking for easy prey.  IdentityIntact™ for Business is one of the only data breach protection and response/resolution solution on the market today.  With less than 5% of SMB’s carrying any type of data protection services coverage and data breach incidents being reported on daily in the news, this is a timely and needed product that you can leverage your B2B traffic into.  Pays a healthy revenue share commission on long term recurring sales.  We supply you all the resources you need to capitalize on this brand new market.


TrueCareA CyberBullying Solution – One of the only cloud based subscription solutions for parents to know what is going on with their kids when they spend time on social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and others.  TrueCare alerts parents when their child may be being cyberbullied or harassed while online.  It also emails parents about inappropriate friend requests, sex offenders and pictures their child uploads or is tagged in.  There is NOTHING like this out there in CPA and we have the exclusive marketing rights for all affiliates.  Pays out $15.  Promote It Now!


Funded Payday – Payday is hot at the holidays and AdFounry has a lock on your success this year with Funded Payday.  Converts on 1st page form submission.  Gets consumers cash fast when they need it.  Best payout, call your account rep for your exclusive payout.  Promote it Now!

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