New Crazy Proven CPV Tool: StumbleUpon


In trying to find new techniques that people aren’t using, and what affiliates can monetize, I’ve discovered, shall I saw, stumbles on StumbleUpon. In my research I’ve found very few mentions of StumbleUpon or any affiliate managers that are recommending it for a method of driving traffic. That leads me to believe this is an untapped source for a great wealth of traffic to affiliate offers.

With a great range of categories and a huge user base, I think this could be a great new method for people to try old campaigns that have been overpriced by Google and Facebook.

Last year, StunbleUpon Ads became StunbleUpon Paid Discover, which is a new great feature that allows you to create and submit a page and drive traffic directly to your site. This is a no-click model, very similar to any contextual CPV system, but without the adware and annoyed users! The pricing levels are from .05 to .25…

Get Free Traffic

Here’s the greatest news about this system: if it catches on, you can get tons more FREE stumbles as its will help push more people to stumble your site, and thus more people potentially viewing. It’s a jumpstart to something viral.

Like many systems, this has demographic targeting, which allows you target specific groups, genders, locations. Add in content category, and you can really target visitors sent directly to your site. On top of that, they have added the ability to use Google Analytics with the system, allowing you to better track your traffic in real time besides the normal affiliate tools.

Push  Facebook
If you haven’t read, Facebook ads are getting more expensive. Even with a discount to pushing to your Facebook page, there is still an issue with traffic being expensive. Well, the great thing about StumbleUpon is that you can in theory drive traffic to your Facebook page, and get those customers completely entrapped into your Facebook campaign.  It’s a great social marketing tool that is much cheaper than Facebook campaigns, and let’s assume that everyone on StumbleUpon probably also has a Facebook account, no?

Below is a great video on how to use StumbleUpon



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