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How I Make Millions on Pay Per Call

A few years ago I started marketing pay per call offers.  I thought the channel had the potential to solve lead quality issues so many of our advertisers were complaining about.  A perfect fit for complex sale campaigns that require a human touch and customer service, I purchased a license to Invoca technology so I could bring this solution to my clients at

Unfortunately, the concept was so new that advertisers and affiliates had an issue grasping the concept.  Pricing offers and knowing how to market them effectively was a challenge.  This year however, the opportunity is starting to explode.  I attribute this success to improved technology and integration, increased marketplace education and benchmark success stories.

Ring revenue has done an excellent job taking feedback from clients and building new functions to support user transactions.  As such they’ve expanded their reach in the marketplace and now dominate the space as the pay per call technology provider for affiliates.  In addition to tracking and recording calls, they now offer extensive tracking capabilities and marketing tools.  To be successful at promoting and marketing a pay per call campaign, it is essential to understand the assets can help both advertisers and affiliates optimize for success.

There are many ways to promote pay per call offers and to go into detail here would be impossible.  I

Mobile Search & Display

Web Based Media including Video

Call Center Transfers

Offline Marketing (e.g. Print, Radio, TV)

Other (SMS, Email, Online Directories, Forums, etc.)

As more businesses engage in this growing channel we (advertiser, agency and affiliate partners) we are learning what works and what doesn’t.  The early leaders in the space are doing best with insurance, entertainment, legal and home service campaigns.  They lend themselves well to initial conversations with potential clients that ask questions about their product or service.

The all essential sale is of high value to the buyer.  My most successful campaigns to date have connection durations between 60 second and 3 minutes before the call is payable.  This gives appropriate time to question the caller and begin a relationship before launching into the sales pitch.

Over the next few years I predict that pay per call will continue grow as a performance marketing channel.  It lends itself well to reaching consumers via a mixed media strategy.  As such, the potential reach is huge, can be targeted, and lends itself well to taking advantage of upward trending media such as mobile and video.

As the word gets out and more people get educated, advertisers and affiliates will realize what an opportunity pay per call is and be thrilled at the money it makes for all of us.

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Jennine Rexon
Jennine Rexon
Jennine Rexon is the President of RexDirectNet is a top performing, full service internet marketing company with turnkey performance driven solutions that work. We take a partnership approach to developing and strengthening relationships to ensure profitable results.


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