Affiliate Summit West Party RoundUp


Looking for Parties for Affiliate Summit East?

With 2011 in the rear view mirror the performance marketing industry wastes no time in kicking off the new year and takes aim next week on Las Vegas for the annual pilgrimage that is ASW.  Affiliate Summit West has a long and storied history providing the landscape and backdrop of some of the most talked about party and networking events in recent memory and the 2012 edition looks to be no different.

New events are  being added every day and while the show may be at Caesar’s Palace, chasing the real action will take you on a hotel by hotel trip into some of the most exotic and exclusive venues in Las Vegas.  The top players in the space will tell you that the secret to having a successful ASW is in the networking.  Meet as many people as possible.  Go to as many parties as possible.  That’s how you make it a successful show.  Do yourself a favor.  Skip the keynotes and make sure you are well rested for what could be a rough but very profitable couple of nights.  Here is a quick rundown of the top events on tap this year at ASW.

It is also the first ASW event with a mobile app for iPhone and Android.  Download the app and you could win free booze and other great prizes.

With the NFL playoffs kicking off next week, spend Sunday afternoon over at Legasse’s Stadium at The Palazzo Hotel where Crush Ads presents Mailer Forum Football Sunday from 1:30 – 4:30PM.  You can’t go wrong networking over playoff football and a buffet of world famous cuisine courtesy of legendary gourmet cook Emeril Lagasse.

Also Sunday afternoon, and Adsimilis bring you The Affiliate Meetup of The Year.  We don’t have much info on this one except that it kicks off at 4:00PM and takes place in a suite at Caesar’s Palace.  Check out the Facebook Page for more details.

It looks like The Palms will be the place to be Sunday night and if you are a mailer you can get your evening started at The Mailer Meetup sponsored by XY7 Elite, Digital Bulldogs, RTK Media, VoloMP, and Impressionwise.  The Meetup gets going at around 7:00PM in The Kingpin Suite.  This one is exclusive to mailers but if that is your thing head on over and roll a few frames and talk shop with other mailers.

Double Play Media and Infinite Traffic are back this year with sponsors CPA Way, React2Media and Optimal Fusion for The Grand Daddy of ‘em All, The Tip Off Party III: 3-Peat at The Hardwood.  Once again, The Tip Off Party is back at the massive 10,000 square foot Hardwood Suite in The Fantasy Tower at The Palms Hotel.  Like the Rose Bowl is to College Football’s Bowl Week, The Tip Off Party is quickly becoming synonymous with Affiliate Summit West and this year’s rendition promises to be bigger and better.  Industry legend Big Jay Meyer will provide the entertainment for The VIP Pre Game party which gets going around 8:30 with main doors to open at 10:00PM.  As always, The Tip Off Party is open to everyone (as long as you grab a bracelet from a sponsor) and the bar is open all night long.

Share a Sale closes out the Sunday night festivities with their Under The Stars Party.  This event takes place at The Chateau Night Club at The Paris Hotel and Casino.  To RSVP just head over to ShareASale’s Meet Market Table from 12-6PM.  Everyone is invited but makes sure you pick up your ticket early as they are limited.

W4 gets Monday going with their exclusive party at Club Marquee in The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino.  This is the first ASW event that we know of to be held at the trendy Vegas City Center.  If you haven’t been there you really should make your way over and check it out.  While we haven’t been able to confirm, we hear that doors open at 12:00PM.  This event is extremely limited so contact your W4 affiliate manager ASAP for details and to RSVP.

Monday night, The Rio Hotel and Casino’s Crown Theater will play host to The Affiliate Ball presented by Max Bounty.  Hip Hop and RnB recording artist Nelly will provide the entertainment with some of his greatest hits and doors open at 10:00PM.  The event is open to everyone attending the summit and you can pick up a pass at The Affiliate Ball table at The Meet Market.

Ads4Dough is back at it again with their perennial Dough for Hoes event at The Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club.  Need we say anymore?  Join A4D from 9:00 – 1:00AM on Monday night with open bar for some of the finest entertainment Vegas has to offer.

From 10:00PM to 3:00AM on Monday night Clickbooth, Authorise, Calculated Creativity, Dating Gold, Molding Box and Optizmo bring you a truly unique experience with Affiliate Fight Night with Randy Couture at The Xtreme Couture Gym located at 4055 West Sunset.  With three live fights on the docket along with open bar and live music this event should supply plenty of hard hitting entertainment while you network.

The fights are open to all ASW attendees and you can RSVP at the event web site.

That rounds out this year’s roster of the major ASW parties and events.

There are some smaller events planned and more continue to pop up every day so keep your ear to the ground and your head on a swivel.

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