Guarantee Your Content Will go Viral


Going Viral is probably the easiest way to ensure that you’ll make money. No matter who you are, from a publication, blogger or content affiliate, it’s a simple way to get tons of traffic almost for free.

“Going Viral” is the best way to generate traffic and often has long term affects on your income: as more links are often created, your page rank goes up, more people sign up to your newsletters, more people bookmark your site.

Here are a few ways to make sure that your content goes viral:

 1)   Have Sharing Options. If you don’t have social sharing buttons, it’s a lot harder to get that initial push. Make sure that you have all the main social networks, such as google plus, linkedin, and of course facebook. It’s still important to have Digg, StumbleUpon as those are often used by people who will give you a huge viralization

2)   Create Controversy.  The best way to get people interested in what you are talking about is to disagree with what most people believe. Popular opinions are everywhere, but looking at something in a different light often allows people to pass on the ideas.

The disagreement can often be playing devil’s advocate (and explaining at the end why you presented that opinion) but sometimes can be a real opinion that is difference than that of the masses.

Take on current topics that are currently creating buzz and get yourself mentioned as an opposing idea by  other blogs and the media.

3)   Express Benefits. Make it clear to all readers that your ideas are really good and not following them is a bad idea. If you are doing a diet blog, do a list of the top worse foods for dieting, and make everyone who reads the blog “understand” that by not following your advice, their diet is out the window.

Crisises are extremely important also, and follow this rule. If you are marketing products for identity theft prevention, an article like “The Five New Identity Theft Issues” with keys how to prevent them (and of course pitching your product) is a great way to get attention.

4)   Create a Scarcity or Time of Essence Article. This is a simple sales technique that also works for marketing articles.  Basically, you need to ensure that people want to read your article immediately with headlines such as “50% off Sales at the These Stores Until Monday” or a “Facebook Hacks that will be Gone Soon.” Simply put, people want to know what other people might not know, but also don’t want to be the only people who didn’t capitalize on the “secret.”

5)   Appeal to The Ego. Everyone Loves Himself or herself. They especially love themselves.  Get it? If you appeal to what they need, they are more than likely to want to share. If you are providing advice, pose it in the second-person with, things like “10 Ways to Know you are Sexy” or “Signs that you will be Rich.” Who doesn’t like to find out why they are going to make lots of money and have tons of chicks?

What's your opinion?